The misconception of reducing ornaments to a overlooked method of beautification ends here.


Namak’s Ornamental collection is inspired from the enormity of charm that ornaments bring onto the table. Every piece that is curated in this collection carries an element of it to symbolise the immortality of its beauty and finesse that has charmed humanity since time immemorial. Bring home a symbol of forever with Namak’s Ornamental Collection!

Everytime the soft sun falls on the earth, through rustling leaves in a beautiful dense forest, it gives birth to an inspiration.


We’ve turned this figment of inspiration into a collection that imbibes the tropicality of nature and it’s absolutely dynamic elements. Make your home connect with the wilderness and independence that is inside of you, and display your inner spirits with Namak’s Enchanted Forest Collection.

The true joys of life are hidden in the subtle details around us; the sweet nothings!


The grands gestures and gifts sure start up conversations and get heads turning. It is actually the little quirks and a little sunshines that make up memories for a lifetime to last. This is what inspires our Sweet Nothing collection! Curated with unmatched pieces, these are sure to add on to your hearty smiles.

Legacies are known to stand strong forever. They never go out of style, they never run out of power.


Channeling the strength of legacy, our Ethnic collection is built to preserve and celebrate heritage. Add a touch of royalty to your homes as you choose your decor from Namak’s Ethnic Collection!